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156258_10150973804875809_1084621330_nI am Miss Dr, a Filipina web designer in her 20s. I am currently employed and enjoys working for an international company as their head web designer. I still live with my family at home because I love them and have no intention of leaving until I have to. It’s great that our culture doesn’t abhor sons and daughters still living at home when they’re beyond 18 years of age. 😀

I am a fan of life. I like to observe my surroundings. I can sit in one corner for a very long time and not be bored. I like to people watch, but I haven’t had a chance to do that lately.

I love the beach and I secretly wish to be a beach bum. One of the beaches that I frequent is Puerto Galera. It used to be so beautiful, a sweet escape, but now, it’s just too crowded.

I love the smell of rain and the taste of Butterfinger. Sometimes, my mind wanders off from reality and I get kicked off in the face when I snap right back. I can be brutal, but saying things as it is, is my cup ‘a tea!

To be continued…

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