Random Tidbits

  1. I am currently in school, taking up Multimedia Arts.
  2. I attended Mapua, an engineering school and took up Civil Engineering.
  3. I worked for a call center for a year as a technical support rep for Dell Computers.
  4. I hate Dell.
  5. I am psychologically insomniac according to one doctor.
  6. I have 18 pillows in bed.
  7. I was single for 4 years, and now I’m not.
  8. I love to dance.
  9. I can sing, but is mostly shy to perform in front of many.
  10. I sang in Ultra for our company’s Christmas Party in 2005.
  11. I have too many shoes.
  12. I love the smell of rain.
  13. I play The Sims 2.
  14. I watch The OC.
  15. I love Smallville.
  16. I used to think bad boys are good.
  17. I fear spiders.
  18. I love the cold weather.
  19. I sleep too long.
  20. My feet are a size 9.
  21. I wish I was 2 inches taller.
  22. I don’t smoke.
  23. I drink socially.
  24. I don’t use the phone much.
  25. I am mushy when in love.
  26. I can cook, but I don’t like doing it.
  27. I love blueberry cheesecake.
  28. I am a snob. Sometimes.
  29. I am a softy.
  30. I collect ketchup packets from fast food chains.
  31. I was born on a Tuesday afternoon, at exactly 2:17pm
  32. I don’t like mustard.
  33. I was in a band called, “Peanut Butter and Jelly”.
  34. I love Meteor Garden.
  35. I am a sassy [feisty] girl.
  36. I write poetry.
  37. I love the beach.
  38. I listen to Jam 88.3
  39. I watch too much from the National Geographic channel.
  40. I have two sisters and a brother.
  41. I am annoying. Sometimes.
  42. I don’t like people that are annoying.
  43. Stupidity turns me off.
  44. I love Coke.
  45. I like Justin Timberlake.
  46. I would like to learn to beat box.
  47. I am not afraid to die. Although, dying in water freaks me out.
  48. I usually never forget birthdays.
  49. I know when someone is lying to my face.
  50. I am brutally honest.
  51. I love Cookies ‘n Cream and Double Dutch ice cream.
  52. Banana and Black Grapes are my favorite fruits.
  53. When I am mad, I don’t hide it.
  54. The first horror flick I’ve watched in the big screen was “Shake, Rattle and Roll”
  55. I was popular in high school.
  56. I am a “nobody” in college.
  57. I am eccentric.
  58. I hate washing the dishes and doing the laundry.
  59. I don’t know how to drive.
  60. I am my grandma’s favorite grandchild.
  61. I am righty.
  62. I haven’t been on an airplane.
  63. I don’t like Math.
  64. I like Physics.
  65. I don’t like hospitals.
  66. My life is a telenovela.
  67. I don’t normally care what other people think about me. But if you mess with me, you mess with the worst.
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