Another Year, Another Chance

Another Year, Another Chance



A few years ago, I thought I had a clear view of where I will be when I hit my 30s, but as time quickly passes, I realized how no one really knows what tomorrow will bring.

The things that I thought were important then, isn’t as important now. The things that I wanted to grasp went out of my reach. However, there are so many things that I never thought I’d be able to get but did. I’m actually in a place where my heart is at ease. Of course, there are times when I do long for things that are not really impossible, but somewhat hard to get, but it doesn’t depress me anymore. My heart and mind already knows that when the right time comes, everything will naturally fall into place.

I’m looking forward to another year filled with surprises.


  1. I feel the same. Sometimes its best to just be happy with what you’ve accomplished and not dwell on what you didn’t accomplish.

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