Tell Me You Love Me

My bed dipped when I felt you kneel down on the edge of it. You asked, “What do you want for breakfast?” I pulled the covers over my head … [Read more...]

The One That Got Away

Why are you here? You always show up when I least expect you. At family gatherings, in weddings, in school reunions, and sometimes, you just appear … [Read more...]

The Mark III

A month has passed and I thought I'd never survive a day without him. My family and friends are to thank. Without their support, I would be moping … [Read more...]

The Mark II

Why does he have to be so sweet? But how can he act like nothing happened? It took me a while before I was able to respond to what he said. He loves … [Read more...]

The Mark

I was so excited. I prepared his favorite dish, Mac 'n Cheese with Mushroom sauce. It's been 22 months since Mark and I, became a "We". I used the … [Read more...]