When Zombies Invade Your Dream

When Zombies Invade Your Dream

Sometimes I do get vivid dreams. Dreams that I remember after being awake for a while, and dreams that I can share in detail with anyone. Last … [Read more...]

Weird Dreams

Lately, I have been having bad dreams, well, weird dreams, actually. I think this is because of the stress that I have been getting from work. Last … [Read more...]

Making Love With Superman

I am inside our house, I know it. Every piece of furniture is where it is supposed to be, but why does it seem a little cooler than what it should be? … [Read more...]

One Rainy Day

So I'm stuck. School's out. Well, not really... The sounds of the thunder reverberated from outside to our room, which is so small, it felt like … [Read more...]

Dreamin’ Inside A Dream

Have you ever dreamed inside a dream? Last night was one of those times that I have dreamed inside a dream. It was horrific. In my dream I was … [Read more...]

Bad Dream On A Stormy Night

At 3am, our village was overshadowed by darkness. Electricity was cut, and everything was silent. I was starting to hear creepy noises. I seem to hear … [Read more...]