Blessing do come in waves

After my father received good news about his job on a Saturday, I received a great news for a new job on a Sunday! I was supposed to get the job offer … [Read more...]

Nightmare at Work

Today, I am supposed to be talking about the Maroon 5 concert, which was awesome, but, I am too stressed out to even start. I am so drained out of … [Read more...]

Sectumsempra, Loser!

A lot has happened in the past few weeks. Last week was one of the bad weeks of July 2011 for me. Someone, whom I considered one of my good friends, … [Read more...]

The Fort

The Fort

Last night, I dreaded my commute to work. I didn't know where our building was and I've only seen the location from an online map. I thought I know … [Read more...]

New Theme, New Office

New Theme, New Office

After a looooong time, I finally changed my theme. I think my previous theme was up for more than a year. I was bitten by a theme-bug yesterday and … [Read more...]

The IT Guy Is A Sissy

I do have a stable job that puts a few more bucks in my hungry pockets, but sometimes, it frustrates me. Don't get me wrong. I am not complaining … [Read more...]