Chronic Bitchface

Chronic Bitchface

So I was browsing through my Tumblr dashboard, when I came across this illustration: (please click to enlarge)

Illustration found here.

Anyway, it has been a constant first impression of me wherever I go. Sometimes, I feel like I am forcing a smile when I am trying not to show my “bitch face”. It’s an inevitable reality that I have to face everyday. I mean, no one can ever say that their first impression of me is “a friendly person”. If that ever happens, that person is lying. Seriously.

I have experienced a lot of those paper-pass-arounds, where your colleagues write down their first impression of you along with a positive comeback. The following are the constants:

  • Bossy
  • Brassy
  • Snob
  • Bitchy
  • Arrogant

After which, follows, “After getting to know her, I find her…”:

  • Friendly
  • Nice
  • Kind
  • Great listener
  • Thoughtful

I can list more items on both lists, but those are just the constants. There’s really nothing I can do about my face. I’ve been thought to be Korean when I was at the mall, shopping. I was also thought to be Chinese, while waiting for my friend’s performance in Hong Kong Disneyland. Maybe, my eyes are the ones that make me look bitchy? Hmm…


  1. Doubt it has anything to do with your eyes. I’m German-Irish-Italian white girl mutt and I get accused of having bitch face all the time, even when I couldn’t be happier and there isn’t a thing in the world going wrong. Maybe our inner feelings just aren’t hardwired to our faces. =\

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