Credit Card Scam

My father called me yesterday afternoon asking me if there is a way to know if a company is legit. I told him he can call the Department of Trade and Industries (DTI) to verify if a certain company exists. Unfortunately, my father gets easily fooled by sweet talks ((Yay me! I always do that to him.)). Someone gave him a call to his work place and offered him a discount card, a dental card, a medical card, and an insurance card for only 2,990Php. The woman who called him, named Jasmin Cruz of FWIC ((Fifth Well International Marketing Corporation)), said that they are lifetime cards. I mean, who in the world sells lifetime privilege cards for 2,990Php?

What makes the offer really suspicious is that they call via the telephone and tell you that you are part of a “Good Creditors List” and that makes you eligible to avail of such services. The thing is, they already have your credit card number at hand before they called. In order for my father to avail of those cards, he is to provide them the CSC (Card Security Code) that is found at the back of a credit card. I told my dad to call his bank right away and hold the card for any transactions. The credit card company saw a floating 3,000Php on his account. It’s a great thing that the transaction was cancelled and the bank will be sending him a new credit card.

I was really annoyed with my father that he, yet again, got duped by someone offering too-good-to-be-true products or services. My father gave my mother the contact information that Jasmin Cruz gave him. She has been calling the telephone number 750-6383 since last night, but the phone just rings, no one picks up the phone even during office hours. How suspicious is that?!

Lecturing my dad sometimes is like talking to a 5-year-old kid. After the lecture, the kid would still do the same thing that brought him into trouble. I just hope that he learned his lesson. I mean, what if his credit card is used in other transactions?

We should always be careful with accepting the things that are offered to us. At this day and age, a lot of people exist to scam guillible people. A lot of us have a hard time earning to survive living in this 3rd world country, and so do those scammers, so they take what they can get and more.


  1. After The Overlay Cosmetic Appliance was aired on NBC news stations in 2004, (Video URL:, it was an instant hit. Determined to cash in on the popularity of the appliance, a few dentists presented a plastic appliance claiming that it was the same thing. The following are only a few comments from people who got the plastic snap on teeth appliances:
    “I went to NYC, I had to pay up front $1500. When he placed them in my mouth, it looked like a toy for Halloween. How dare he sell a piece of plastic toy for $1,500? He refunded $500 and I had to sign a paper. I work hard for my money and I feel I have been robed and he got away with it and continues to do so.”
    “1st of all they told me that the consultation visit was free. But when they told me that it will cost me 2,700 for the upper and lower and I will have to pay up front, no refunds, I didn’t want them. They charged me $100.00 for the 2 minutes of consultation.”
    “These are a complete joke. Don’t waste your time or your money unless you want to look like a circus freak.”
    “They are not worth the money, I wasted mine. And I am angry.”
    “My snap on smile looked huge. At work, my co-workers said I look like Jim Carrey in the movie Mask and everyone had a good laugh. Those teeth are a joke. How can dentists be allowed to sell them?”

    Arvid Saunaitiss last blog post..Dentistry needs a major overhaul

  2. i had someone call me today asking if I would give some money to keep the doors open for the deaf nd? and blind. I asked doors open to what for the deaf and blind?
    She just repeatd the same line. I asked “What charity are you working for?” She just said the deaf and blind. Obviously she was reading off of a script and not expecting me to ask such questions. I told her thank you I have your number and I will report it to the proper authorities. she hung up!

  3. i got a call a few weeks back from a bank. i think it was PSBank? the person on the other line said that i was classified for their *something something* and i just said that i was not interested. and then today, mom said someone delivered a credit card from Union bank, which was ridiculous because she never applied for anything. how come they get a hold of our information and give out credit cards just like that? don’t they have a process or something.?

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  4. Hey hey hey… ang dami din dito mga ganyan. ang tawag is identity theft. Pero buti nalang naagapan nyo yung sa dad mo, kung hindi.. nakopo!!!

    Sarahs last blog post..Maybe it’s because we are selfish.

  5. We never entertain them. Madami ding tumatawag dito sa amin.

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  6. hay mahirap talaga magtiwala sa pinas sa mga ganyan. mahirap kasi i-trace ang dami pang eklavu i mean proseso hehehe

    scarts last blog picnic at the park

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