Fake Friendships

Honestly, I envy my younger sister. She has kept most of her friends since elementary and high school. They still have time to go out and get together. I view their pictures and they all look happy.

I remember having friends back in high school. I wondered why they I never had those kinds of friends who stuck. I do have friends, a handful. I guess, the only real friends I have are those that I’ve met through my previous job, and a few from the last 2 years of college.

My friends in high school, we called ourselves Soul Sisters. I know it sounds lame, but hey, that was high school. Anyway, I thought I have a solid group right there, but I realized, I am alone in a group of 10. We do eat in Jollibee after school, huddles together during lunch and break times to sing and talk about stupid stuff we do in high school.

I guess, part of me feeling alienated is due to the fact that I was in a relationship back then to a selfish retard. Excuse me. But he was. He gets jealous of my so-called friends. Faktard. Eugh. Basically, when my ex was around, I don’t get to eat with my friends or hangout with them during break times.

I don’t even have to talk about the other stuff that they did to make me feel more alone, but I was faced with the sad realization during my 16th birthday. My birthday is on December 21, near Christmas, so I invited all of them over to my house that day to have a small party. When everyone was all settled and had their spaghetti and ice cream, we all sat around outside the house talking about stuff, when one of them pulls out a bag of Christmas gifts.The acting leader of the group distributed mugs with their names on it. There was a smile on my face, I remembered. I was waiting for my mug, but none was given to me. Do you know how it feels to expect something with a smile and then realizing there was nothing to expect? You want the smile to fade away, but you keep that smile and push back the tears. I was a good friend. I never did anything that would upset any of them, or maybe I did something, but I don’t know what it was.

Thinking about it now, it’s their loss. I’m not being bitter, but, they lost a friend who would always be there for them.

Fake friends? Who needs them?


  1. Most of my friends from school and I have drifted off and went our separate ways, that’s just how it is sometimes, people change. How lame that the person went to your party and didn’t even bother to think to give you a mug.

    You’re right, you don’t need ‘friends’ like them.

  2. wow, that was quite a hurtful thing they did on your birthday. why would they do something like that? 🙁 oh well. you have a friend in me, dre. you know that, right? 🙂

    paos last blog post..Tastes like childhood days

  3. i have the same experience. though i didn’t have a bf back then. a classmate told me 3 yrs after high school that he thought i was kind of weird. maybe my so-called-friends thought so too. they let me hang out with them but i get the feeling that i don’t really belong. a couple of months back i found out they were still going out. i saw pictures of their recent “reunion” and what sucks is that the classmate WE hated was with them. and so is the girl whom everybody knows steals from us. i just don’t get them. but i keep thinking that they’re no loss bec. i found friends who love me just for being me. madrama ba? 😀

    nixs last blog post..Martian Child

  4. I thought my friends in HS were superficial. But hey! They’re still around today and try to make time for us to meet and relive the past. We all laugh now at how silly we all were. I had an ex and we were together for 4 years. He didn’t really like me hanging out with them. I kinda lost touch but when we broke up I contacted them right away and tried to catch up. I was surprised that they took me back and everything was like before, only with much much more stories to share! I loffles them so mats! Real friends don’t abandon you whatever you do. I

  5. oh, and that thing they did on your birthday was just so insensitive. obviously they came for free food and party.

    nixs last blog post..Martian Child

  6. yeah, really no excuse for that thing they did on your birthday. i hope someday they grow up, look back on that day, and feel really ashamed of it.

  7. [quote post=”692″]oh well. you have a friend in me, dre. you know that, right?[/quote]

    Yes Pao, I know. Thanks!!!

  8. [quote comment=”58357″]oh, and that thing they did on your birthday was just so insensitive. obviously they came for free food and party.[/quote]

    Like what Pao said, I hope they look back and feel ashamed of what they did to me. It was insensitive and stupid.

  9. Aaah, yes. Madami ata akong ganito, ahaha. Pero kung kaylangan mo ng real friend, I can be one, for a specific amount of money, ahaha.

  10. That was very rude of them to do. They should have done their gift-giving after your birthday or sometime when you weren’t around. Still bad, but less rude. ~_~ I have experienced something similar like that. My HS friends and I went out for coffee. They were talking about a trip in a beach. Forgot exactly where. They invited those people they only met during and after college, but didn’t bother to invite me. They’ve done that a number of times already. Sometimes I’ll just find out after seeing their pictures online.

    I did tell you that I gave up on them, right? When they invite me, I would tell them, “You don’t need me there anyway, right?” Then they’d stop texting. I’m tired of them only calling me when they want something. “User-friendly” tawag nga nila. *lol*

    Shabbys last blog post..Taking a break from tagging

  11. It seems to be a common thing. My little sister has that same thing going on. Shes always out with her friends telling me how they going to do this and that and all i could think of is oh… I don’t really remember all of that when I was her age… To be honest you can just look at it like this. those weren’t really friends anyways. Thats how i choose to see it.

    Lovely site by the way!!!

  12. I wouldn’t say that they were fake friends but I had “friends” from elementary school who weren’t that nice to me either. I think it had to do with all of us not really knowing what friendship meant at that time AND popularity playing a huge role when it came to being nice. My mom used to always ask me about old friends from the Philippines and whenever I mentioned that I’ve only kept in touch with 3, that always surprised her but what can I say? I don’t really care because I’ve met the BESTEST friends I could ever ask for in Florida and here in Washington.

    Like you, I’m not bitter. And that’s great because there’s so much out there that you won’t enjoy if you let your mind linger on the past.

    Dre, you’re such a great girl! You’re right… Who needs them? You definitely don’t. Besides, it doesn’t matter how many friends you have. Even if you only have a couple of friends, as long as you can really count on them, you have all the friends that you need.

    Felisas last blog post..On Keeping An Open Mind

  13. @tannix: Do I really have to pay you to become my friend? I forgot to tell you, “I’m sorry.”

  14. Like you, my siblings have a lot of friends. they go out often and they even lie to our parents just to hang out with them. me? I have my boyfriend and his friends around… i have friends but they’re so busy so we don’t have time to hang out… am happy narin coz i know they’re my true friends… i rather have few true friends than a lot and I don’t know who are true to me, right?

    Nicas last blog post..NYX

  15. That’s awful but yeah I don’t need fake friends.

  16. ang sama naman. ano yun, sinadya ba nila na harap harapan eh bastusin ka? or honest mistake since hindi ka gano nakakasama sa kanila, baka akala nila may gumawa ng mug mo??

    sarahs last blog post..Open Letter

  17. [quote post=”692″]or honest mistake since hindi ka gano nakakasama sa kanila, baka akala nila may gumawa ng mug mo??[/quote]

    Only one person made a mug at binigay sa lahat 🙁

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