Fit Right

Staying fit is really hard, especially when you rely on eating right alone. Sometimes you need help from a fitness equipment to help you keep up with the diet. Most of time, I slip and go back to the heavy side. I am not really blaming my hectic schedule for the lack of exercise, but it is an added factor. I had my mom buy healthier foods, and ban junk foods altogether. I can even blame it on genetics. Haha!

I really need to discipline myself and be on my toes when I am around fatty foods. I’ve already asked my sister to workout with me, and she agreed. Like I said, genetics! She purchased a workout video that we can follow. It’s more of a dance workout, without those painful crunches. I think I’m going to love it. I need to be fit for the summer!


  1. Andreana, Staying fit is something you have to work on. I’m glad you are focusing on working out and eating right. You have to do both. Do that and the weight will take care of itself. Don’t worry. Go to my blog to see
    Why Diets Don’t Work

    Jeff Iversen’s last blog post..I Can Only Imagine – A Father’s Love

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