Friday’s 10 Happy Things

Friday’s 10 Happy Things

One of my favourite blogs to visit is Helga‘s. Her blog posts are fun and fresh, and last week, I visited her blog and she started Friday’s 10 Happy Things, and I thought I’d give it a try. It helps chronicle what I am thankful for every week (or bi-weekly).

Here goes my list :

  1. I found my dog’s doppelgängers on Instagram. I don’t know about you, but dogs make me happy, specially my dog. 😀

  2. I finally revamped my book blog’s theme. The old one has been up for more than two years and it was high time to make a change. Check it out – Sporadic Reads.
  3. A new Japanese TV series just came out, Koinika (Love Relationship) and I am currently loving it. Three episodes are out!
  4. My friend contacted me for a freelance project that will give me extra extra money! I am currently saving for my trip to South Korea this November, so any extra income is welcome!
  5. My brother turned turned 22. He’s my favourite brother. He’s my only brother. He is the youngest in our family, and even though his voice has turned really low, he’s still a baby to me.
  6. For this week, I was able to get 8 to 9 hours of sleep everyday. Isn’t that what everyone wishes for?
  7. My Canon D20 died on me, so my sister decided to loan me her Ixus. Yay! I plan on doing video book reviews, so I needed that camera. I hope I can make one soon. I just need to finish a book!
  8. At 2AM today, we were all craving for some soup, so we ended up eating at Next Door. I ordered this Congee, with chicken and three kinds of mushroom.
  9. Our new contract at work is on its way. This means…annual increase!
  10. And this is my jam – Sistar’s “Shake It”. When I am prepping for work, this is on loop. It definitely energizes me and has me singing and dancing in the shower. Shake it, oh shake it for me!

Did you have an awesome week? I hope you did!

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  1. Congrats on more income for you! Can’t wait to watch your book reviews soon 🙂 And ooh that congee looks very appetizing .
    Mimi Gonzales´s last blog post ..Work + Play: A Sundate Afternoon at Café TwentyOne

  2. I love the little girl who dances to Shake It!!! So cute and super galing haha.

    Yay for extra income! I need more raket, too.
    Helga Weber´s last blog post ..My 5 Favorite Wellness Apps

  3. Congrats on more monies! I need more monies too. Trying to work on it. 😀
    I saw Sporadic Reads’ new theme yesterday, it’s totes cool! Can’t believe it’s been 2 years. Time flies very fast.
    Nickle Love´s last blog post ..The Sunday Currently Vol. 1

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