How to get rich quickly

How to get rich quickly

A lot of people are into quick cash, get-rich-quick schemes. I admit that I have Googled about it, and almost believed some of it. Maybe there really are money schemes out there that are real, but most are just too-good-to-be-true (tgtbt).

A few days ago, I received a direct message from Twitter directing me to a website.

Too bad, the link doesn’t work anymore. Basically, it talks about working from home and earning thousands of dollars without breaking a sweat. That article talks about investing $2.95 for a kit that the company will send you and it will include instructions on how to get rich. I scrolled down to see for myself, and clicked on the “Apply Now” link, since apparently, there are only 2 spots left in my area.

Update: the shortlink points here.

Of course, it is tgtbt. Once you click the link, you’ll have to pay $99.00 for the kit. It’s still worth $2.95, since the rest of the initial payment will be used as rebate. Hello? Rebates are a bitch. It’s not even a common thing here in the Philippines, so I closed the tab and forgot about it.

This morning, I opened my mail and received a new get-rich-quick scam scheme.

Before, it was usually a Nigerian royalty who would send this type of emails, and now it’s someone from Switzerland. I don’t know if anyone is still falling for this. I hope no one.

There are so many things that you can do to be rich, if not rich, but able to support your needs and even your wants. If you are a lazy-piece-of-$%*&#, then I doubt you’ll ever amount to anything. Find a job that will satisfy you. When you find it, excel. Climb the ladder. Be successful!

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