How your smartphones can help you get through the day

How your smartphones can help you get through the day

coffee-cup-apple-iphoneAside from the usual selfies or self-portraits we occasionally take with our smartphone, mobile devices have their own share of benefits in our daily lives. According to a Google study that was featured by the Indian Express, an average youth today takes at least 14 selfies in a day and spends 11 hours daily on their phone. From personal to work-related activities, these gadgets have offered users a myriad of shortcuts when engaging in their usual activities, such as shopping through an app, booking flights through mobile websites and much more.

Currently, smartphone ownership and mobile data consumption is growing rapidly across the world. Based on information published by the developer of mobile slot platform Pocketfruity, 49% of today’s overall tech data comes from mobile devices, surpassing other computing devices including desktop PCs. Smartphones have become a vital tool to humans, and here’s how it can help you get through the day.

BYOD and Work
Bring your own device (BYOD) plan has been accepted by various companies recently, as businesses continue to see the benefits to their business processes and their employees’ productivity. Although some firms believe smartphones and tablets can be linked to security risks, Wired says companies with proper preparation and policies find BYOD beneficial rather than threatening, especially processes such as mobile application management (MAM).

Daily organizer
Although many prefer using the traditional paper planner, syncing all its data to an app that works as a daily organizer can be beneficial to you. See, paper planners are bulky and take up too much space in your bag. This can be tricky for females who love carrying a purse or a small bag. If their daily planner is now accessible via their smartphone, they can take it wherever they go and not miss any important activities during the day.

Order online
Grocery, shopping for clothes, and ordering food – you name it, you can do it easily on your smartphone. Most retailers now offer their eCommerce apps that make ordering quick, and convenient to consumers. In the United States, Quartz mentioned that internet food delivery is about to surpass the amount of orders they receive from actual phone calls for the first time, and smartphones are the most common platform consumers use to order food.

Maintain my health
Smartphones today are now built with health sensors that help users to track their health in real-time. Some apps encourage people to get fit by sending constant notifications to start their fitness regime for the day as well as offer healthy food suggestions. Others want to get a more advanced reading of their health, so they opt to get wearable devices that have heart and stress level monitors.

There are various ways in which your smartphone can help you achieve more in the day. Take note that mobile devices are just tools that can assist humans, and should not replace the human-touch, especially for parents when they are caring for their little ones.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how you maximize your mobile devices to get through the day. Feel free to leave us a comment below.

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