WordCamp 2010

A few weeks ago, I found out that WordCamp registrations were closed. Today, I got an IM from Lexie, letting me know that registrations are open … [Read more...]

Javascript Doesn’t Like Me

My boss and I have been working on a project and it's taking us so long to finish it. After days of non-stop research and doing trial and errors with … [Read more...]

The Specialist

After two months of looking for a job, I finally got one. It's not my dream job, but it's something that is related to my field. I am an Account … [Read more...]


Every time I feel the urge to start a project, when I turn on the computer, the urge disappears. I am dying to design my One Wicked Soul website, but … [Read more...]


For the past few weeks, I found myself so emotional. I am like a woman with a deep secret. My pillows are the only witness to all the shed tears. I am … [Read more...]


I am hosted under iRock Webhosting, and they recently experienced a nightmare. Well, their server hard drive crashed. I noticed that my websites have … [Read more...]