Poor Customer Service

Poor Customer Service

Last Saturday, together with my colleagues, we all headed to Overlook Resort Hotel in Antipolo. We were all looking forward to a night of fun and a chance to bond with my new friends. We arrived at the Overlook Resort Hotel at 6:30am, a few of my colleagues were already there. We were welcomed by this lady, whom I thought was the manager, with a warning.

You can’t be too noisy. The owner of the resort is here. You can’t sing videoke if you don’t have a good voice. The owner doesn’t like it.


The place wasn’t ready at all. There were no lights near the cottage area and the pool seemed unclean. The jacuzzi doesn’t even have water in it. The maintenance was nowhere to be found and they were supposed to provide the extension cords for the lights. In addition, that lady who welcomed us, told my friend this statement:

Doktora ako, di ako alila dito. (I am a doctor, I’m not the help here.)

Well, didn’t you, Mrs. Doctor, told us that the owner does not like noisy resort-goers? Eh…but, wait, YOU are THE owner! Overlook Resort Hotel provided us with nothing but poor customer service. I was asking one of the women help in the resort if we could grill our barbecue in the “barbecue area” near the pool, but she said, “It’s not allowed.” I asked why it’s not allowed, and she simply replied with a sneer on her face, “Because it’s not allowed.” What the…?

For almost two hours, we waited for them to setup the place. Days before our arrival, they already knew we were coming, but when we got there, they were not prepared at all. The owner and the help were not accommodating in the slightest bit! Mrs. Doctor was a snob and unfriendly. Some of the help were unfriendly, too. We decided to leave the place and transfer to the resort in front of them. The maintenance guy told us that we had to tell Mrs. Doctor that we were vacating the place, so I told him to call her, but he said, no one can ask her to come to us, WE have to come to her. Why? We are the customers, right?

Overlook Resort Hotel in Antipolo, your service sucks!

We were very much satisfied with the other resort, but that’s for another blog entry.

Updated 04/10/13

My brother and his school org spent the night at this same resort. I wasn’t aware that they rented the place. My brother told me that their service still sucks when I asked him how their service was. They were not prepared when they arrived. There was no light in the restrooms and there was also a security issue. Someone tried to enter their room and his orgmate ran after the guy. Unfortunately, they weren’t able to catch him, and his orgmate suffered a sprain after taking a stumble during the chase. The swimming pool wasn’t even clean enough.

Please, even if you have no choice, do not go to Overlook Resort Hotel in Antipolo!

Updated 10/04/13

It seems like this blog post is stirring some butts from the staff of Overlook Resort Hotel in Antipolo. I feel like they are doing some damage control, hence, the 3 new positive comments from somewhat random people saying great things about the resort. Well, since GIMF (Google is my friend), I did a little digging and found that there is another blog post about them, but what I found so hilarious is the comments section. It is SO similar to what was posted here by Dr Bert Eugenio and this Lynne Young from this blog entry. C’mon, people! Who are you kidding? And that blog only has two entries and they are both about the said resort!

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  1. Wow, that’s incredibly infuriating. Sana inaway nyo 😀
    .-= Helga´s last blog ..BIO ENZYME SEAWEED SLIMMING LOTION. =-.

  2. Ang kapal ng mukha nung doctor na yun. Umbagin ko siya eh.
    .-= Lexie´s last blog ..This has not been a great day. =-.

  3. grabe kaasar naman yan. grrrr

  4. seems you have a bad experience there … I cam understand your frustration

  5. kat ramos says:

    It’s funny that this blog was written a few years ago yet overlook resort in Antipolo has not really improved their customer service. Well, in fairness to them, the staff were friendlier now although they’re clueless of good customer service like being prompt and being ready to help. The Dra. mentioned, whom I met as well, went to our place to say ‘hi’ and see how we were doing. I guess she has changed a bit :). I had a difficult time with the husband who happens to be a doctor too. He was the one I coordinated with for our stay last Feb but unfortunately he does not coordinate the arrangements with his staff. We had the same experience of not having our place ready when we got there, the room, the videoke,etc. I swear not to go back there.

  6. The place is very dirty as in DIRTY! May ipis sa loob ng room namin. It’s dingy & they’re maximizing a very small room w/ a single bed & a double deck (pinagdikit lang). It’s so small that “traffic” kami sa loob we can hardly move around. I have to climb up to my bed so that my companion can go to the bathroom.

    No blankets, towels, soap, tissue paper. Worst of all, buhos-type ang toilet nila. YUCKS!

    False advertising.. kung tingnan mo ang website nila..parang ok but sa actual it’s so gross!!! I wish I can rate them..sila2 lang ata ang nag rate at puro positive ha?

    Wished to cancel my reservation but so little time & fully booked na ang mga resorts & hotel that time.

    NEVER will I go back there..I SWEAR! 🙁

    • That’s why I do reviews on my blog, to warn people about places that suck. I feel so bad for you and your friends. I do wish no one else will have to experience staying at Overlook Resort in Antipolo. Next time, try Rosalinda Garden Resort!

  7. Rome Idquival says:

    Thank God for the Internet. After spending an hour on Google we finally found a place to hold our outing (and future training sessions)- ditto sa OVERLOOK RESORT sa Antipolo.
    OK dito. Di gano malaki pero may 5 pools at marami kwarto. Super bargain sa mga ngtitipid na company and groups.

  8. Cecille Ramos says:

    There should be a law about people blogging malicious lies in order to gain business from the competition or for whatever reason. I am making this comment on this blog site about Overlook Resort and other nearby resorts such as Rosalinda’s. I am putting in my two cents worth of opinion that Overlook is lots better than Rosalinda’s. Most people do research on the internet and rely on what they read because they are too busy and have no time to check out the truth. I am therefore writing this to set the record straight. Go and inspect or better yet, stay, at the two resorts and you will see which is better. We did and we can say that Overlook is much much better than Rosalinda’s. The facility and staff are great and the owners are very pleasant and friendly.

    Cecille Ramos
    concerned customer and business woman from Baguio

    • First of all, if there is such a law, I will definitely NOT be behind the wrong fence. I am not connected to any resorts anywhere. What I wrote on this blog entry was the TRUTH. What would I gain from lying about what I experienced? I have a sneaking suspicion that YOU may be friends with the owners of this resort.

  9. Emil Macalino says:

    Our gang stayed at Overlook Resort last summer and because we had three days of vacation we checked out and also stayed at Angela’s and Rosalinda Resort, which are next door. There is no comparison. Overlook is several times better (and bigger) than Rosalinda and Angela.
    Check it out personally folks. Do not believe what you see on blogs without inspecting the three resorts. Overlook is definitely much better.

    • We may have different tastes on finding a better resort. Yes, Overlook MAY be bigger, but to me, it wasn’t even better. My family have steered clear of this resort due to past experiences, and we have the right to share our past experiences wherever we want to. And YES, people can go ahead and check out the resorts personally, if they found that there are improvements on said resort, then they are free to choose if they want to stay there or not. Just my two cents.

  10. Dr Bert Eugenio says:

    My family and several friends spent a three day weekend at Overlook Resort last month and we all thank the resort staff for a wonderful stay. In contradiction to what some blogs said about this resort, we found it very clean and well managed. The water in all four pools was very clean and the entire facility was well maintained and clean. It is possible that the people who wrote the negative blogs went to the resort during a heavy and busy day or in between cleaning or who knows, maybe they have an axe to grind or worse, maybe they own or work in a competing resort.

    I am writing this blog in fairness to the owners and managers and staff of Overlook Resort who have done and are doing a good job.

    Nobody has to believe what I say here. The proof of the pudding is in the tasting. Check out the resort personally and with your own eyes. Do not just believe what people say on the net. I also advise bloggers who want to compare Overlook to the surrounding resorts such as Rosalinda, Angela, Femar’s and other resorts nearby to do so objectively and truthfully. If they do this, they will blog the truth that Overlook is better than these others.

    • I don’t know who you guys are, but it seems that I have seen the SAME comment on another blog. It seems like OVERLOOK is trying to do some damage control over here. We, bloggers, are here to spread the truth about our experiences. Some may lie, BUT I DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO GAIN from lying to my readers.

      Proof : Lynne Young’s comment

  11. It is not right to judge the blogger because they had an awful experience on the said place. If you had a good experience there, then good for you! I am also a blogger, and I based my reviews on personal experience.

    This was blogged in 2009! Gawd! WE ARE NOW IN 2013 PEOPLE!!! They may have already improved their service because they got a lot of negative reviews before!

    Let us always analyze and be respectful of everyone’s opinion! 🙂
    Juvy´s last blog post ..RosyChicc Chanel and MUFE Giveaway!

  12. What’s funny about these positive comments above about Overlook is that they always compare said resort to the surrounding competitors, while the topic of the blog is just about the resort itself. They sound threatened and defensive. If they really wanted to prove they have better service, they should’ve replied with an acknowledging statement that they will learn from this and improve next time. Try to bounce back, and do not attack your customers because of bad feedback.

    • Yes, I totally agree with you. These bad reviews that they are getting should be a tool to be used to improve their services, and not bash those who said bad things about them.

  13. Finally, I have found a blog which contains testimonials which echo the horrible experience that my orgmates and I had when we stayed in this resort a year ago. Akala talaga namin okay ung place since maayos ung pictures sa website nila at meron pang mga testimonials and list of “satisfied customers” pero nung nandun na kami, though friendly naman ung receptionist, sobrang nakakadisappoint ung facilities nila dahil marurumi and halatang hindi well-kept at maintained. Sobrang deceiving talaga ng website nila. Moreover, nung time na nagstay kami ay sira pa nga ung ibang doorknobs and faucets sa iilan sa mga restrooms and sinks and marumi ung tubig sa dalawang pool (in other words, hindi conducive sa pagsswimming). Worse, natakot pa kami dahil ung beds sa isa nilang room ay hospital beds! (Now I understand since doctors pala ang owners ng hotel). Sana lang ay nagimprove na ang service nila ngayon dahil last year pa naman nung nagstay kami. Sana rin ay pinalitan na nila ung creepy hospital beds and ung airconditioners na sobrang luma na at inefficient. For sure kung hindi nila iimprove ang management ng resort ay tuluyan nang ma-ooverlook ang resort na ito.

    P.S: We were somehow forced to book at Overlook since the prior booking that we have made in another Antipolo resort encountered some problems.

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