Stop Smoking To Save Money

I usually browse through the web to find different kinds of news across the globe. Today, I found a pretty interesting article about smokers.

Current smokers who quit the habit may find that they can make significant cost savings, has suggested. Full story here.

The story actually made sense. It is true that smokers spend their money to buy cigarettes and a chain smoker could spend more in a year. I know that the costs for a pack of cigarettes have increased throughout the years. I remember it being 0.50 centavos a stick and now, I believe, local cigarettes cost about 2.00Php a stick.

If you think about it, if smokers give up smoking, they can actually save the money to help them pay their debts. Mortgage is one of the things that is hard to pay off. Let’s say you spend $30 for a pack of cigarettes a day, in a month you spend around $900 to $1000, if you buy extra packs, so in a year you spend about $12,000 for a vice that can kill you.

What if you give up smoking and save all that money?

I believe it can make a difference. I personally dislike smokers, well, not that I don’t associate with smokers, I just don’t like being around them when they smoke. It’s a great think that Ryan gave up smoking more than a year ago and I am so proud of him. I wish my father would be able to do the same.

Make a choice. To smoke, or not to smoke… and save tons of money! You also save trees!


  1. I totally agree with you… My sister works for a grocery store here and it really ticks her off when less fortunate people walk in with their food stamps (its like a card with an alloted worth that lets them buy any food products that they need)… and then they spend the little cash that they have on cigarettes and alcohol. What a waste!

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  2. Yeah it’s true. It costs a lot to be a smoker, lots of money as well as costs on your health. I wonder if smokers actually think about how much money they spend a year on cigarettes. If they don’t, they should. I’m sure it would give them a scare. And if we’re lucky, it would scare them enough to stop.

  3. Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious you can save money by not smoking. Smoking isn’t free, lol. Neither is health-care or excessive washing to get the smoke smell out.

  4. I have told my sister time and time again that she could save lots of money if she quits smoking. It’s a money consuming habit and it’s unhealthy so people should definitely try to quit.

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  5. dre =( didn’t even get to see you!!! i was so mad. i was in manila already 4 days before my flight. we were supposed to stay at my tita’s in cainta (like i told you diba?) but then we ended up staying at a friend’s house in malate.. tapos super busy na ako nung nasa manila ako kasi i still had relatives to see and places to go to! nakakainis. everything was planned out. i even got you butterfingers kasi i know you love em, talagang tinago ko pa yun nung nasa Nueva Ecija ako so noone would take it. nung nasa manila na ako, la na, di ko na naharap kahit itext ka man lang. *boohoo*

    di ako mag re-react sa post mo about smokers. kasi smoker ako and i admit, i would save lots of money if i didn’t smoke. *sighs*

  6. Some people could get out of debt by quitting. prices keep going up, and as time goes on you smoke more. Saving all that money and using it to pay off debts is a double bonus.

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