When Zombies Invade Your Dream

When Zombies Invade Your Dream

Sometimes I do get vivid dreams. Dreams that I remember after being awake for a while, and dreams that I can share in detail with anyone. Last … [Read more...]

Weird Dreams

Lately, I have been having bad dreams, well, weird dreams, actually. I think this is because of the stress that I have been getting from work. Last … [Read more...]

Making Love With Superman

I am inside our house, I know it. Every piece of furniture is where it is supposed to be, but why does it seem a little cooler than what it should be? … [Read more...]


I've been feeling melancholic since I woke up this morning. It was probably because of the big fight I had with my mom the previous night. We … [Read more...]

It’s 2007.

Another year. What's new? I tried to recall what happened last year, all I can remember is that I spent it with my family. New Year's Eve was … [Read more...]

The Reflection

It all started with a simple walk on the park. It was close to night time, so the sky was orangeish and it felt a little bit colder. I was with a girl … [Read more...]