Alone, But Not Really.

Alone, But Not Really.

Swimming. It feels like I've been swimming without a life line for almost a year now. I ended an almost 6-year relationship with a guy whom I thought … [Read more...]

Beach Bum

I secretly wish to be a beach bum, but right now I have to drop the word "beach". I have to admit that I have become a bum... bum, bum, bum! I do not … [Read more...]

What Happens In Vegas

"Feel Good" movies are my favorites. I would rather laugh and cry watching a film rather than being scared out of my wits. Yesterday, Ryan and I saw … [Read more...]


I can't believe that I still have this problem. Well, my graduation is on the 25th of April and right now, I should be submitting resumé to different c … [Read more...]

Young Love

A group of teenagers, possibly from a swimming excursion, rode the same jeepney as I did, during my ride home from my internship. Those kids were kind … [Read more...]

Met His Dad

I rode the bus on my way to Greenhills. I was feeling a bit nervous because I am running late due to the unexpected traffic in front of La Salle … [Read more...]