The Mark

I was so excited. I prepared his favorite dish, Mac ‘n Cheese with Mushroom sauce. It’s been 22 months since Mark and I, became a “We”.

I used the Globe network to locate where he was. We both made it a point we have that technology, and thank God for that. He was at Jack’s, his bestfriend.

As I was nearing the gate, I heard a loud mixture of laughs, music and naughty charades. I smiled to myself thinking it was one of their dare games again. When I got to the gate, I turned to look at the garage to see him and his friends so I could surprise him. Mark was kissing another girl. A beautiful, tall and white-skinned girl… all that I’m not.

My heart stopped to beat for a second, and then, it turned into a loud thump thump thump in my ear, and it felt like so deafening in my ears. I held my breath to hold back the tears. Slowly, I walked back down the riser and turned to the direction of home before anyone could see me.

When I got home, I ran upstairs to my bed. I tried to erase the images of Mark kissing somebody else, somebody who looks better than I do.

I thought he was way past the beautiful ones, that I am the only person he could love more than his life. But I guess, they are all lies now.

My phone rang. It was him. He said he was just calling to say goodnight and that he missed me that day, and that he meant to come over but something came up and he had to be at Jack’s. At least he told me where he really was. Technology saved me that night. I said my goodnights and that I loved him. But he didn’t know that I was saying a real goodbye…

The next three days I tried my best to dodge him off. I had a hundred excuses why we can’t meet or even talk. He said he missed a lot of me, my smile, my voice, my text messages… Those messages always gather up tears that are ready to fall but did not because I wouldn’t let it. He would drop by my house, but I told everyone that I don’t want to see him, so theyd make up excuses for me. I used my old sim card so he can’t track me down.

After a week of hiding, I finally had the courage to talk to him. We met at the usual, Starbucks Eastwood. He was wearing the polo shirt I gave him and I noticed he trimmed his hair. He was wearing my favorite scent of him, and his smile, oh his smile, always melts my heart.

We ordered our usual, his, a Caramel Mocciato, and mine is a Mocha Frappucino. He added a slice of Tiramisu and Cinnamon Roll for our sweet tooth.

We settled for a corner table outside. I knew he wanted to talk because he always chooses the quietest spot he can find, and the corner usually is. We both started to talk at once. He smiled, that little boy smile. I let him talk first.

“Dre, it’s been a long week. I miss you so much. This has been the longest week we’ve ever been apart, it’s exhausting. Oh Dre, I hate missing you, you drive me nuts!”

He then pulled out something from his pocket. It was a white gold bracelet with a diamond detail.

“Happy 22 months, baby. I love you…”

to be continued…


  1. congrats! 🙂

  2. waaaah what happened next??

  3. better wait for the next one people!

  4. Oh that sucks big time… at nabitin ako!!!

    wala akong masabi ng boyfriend mo. At hindi rin ako makapaniwala na hindi ka nagwala when you saw them kissing. baka kung ako nasa sitwasyon mo naibato ko yung
    niluto ko dun sa babae… or maybe not… hmmm..

    ang shallow naman kung dahil lang sa beauty kaya ka nya ipinagpalit.. ganun na lang ba nya ibabasura yung almost 2 years nyong pagsasama?

    ibig sabihin ba nun, sa twing hindi kayo magkikita ng matagal ganyan lagi mangyayari?

    Sa tingin ko kelangan nyo talagang magusap. I think he’s seriously inlove with you, and that he’s just infatuated with that bitch’s beauty.

    i cant wait for the next entry.

    i envy you ang galing galing mong mag express ng ng nararamdamn mo in english even the details!

  5. I’ll wait for the next chapter. You know, Drdr reminds me of Deirdre. Lol. 🙂 Punta ka orientation?

  6. waaahhh! nakakabitin!

  7. gahh..ngayon lng ulet ako nkadaan.lolx..
    hello dre! hanmae nga pla from pt.

    wahhh..bitin naman yun..ano kaya rereply mo??

  8. no freakin way……………..

    you gotta post it up next time.

    if ever it’s a sad ending, i am really sorry for what happend. i mean, why did you have to see it with your bare eyes diba? tsk tsk tsk.. mark mar mark…

  9. heya dre! :cheerful:
    thanks for dropping by my blog.. there i put na my link.. cya there! :xoxo:

  10. shit nabitin ako doon ah.
    pero pakshet, ba’t may nikiss niya ibang girl?


  11. helo sis. agree ako kay nyurnie, isa ka sa magaling mag-express ng feelings in english and in details… kahit na malalim ung words naiintindihan pa din.

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