Twenty Eight

I turned 28 yesterday, December 21st. I didn’t plan anything for my birthday, just like the past few years. Inviting people to come on my birthday became a big no-no for me, since most people are too busy to remember they said “yes” to come on my birthday. I remember the last time that I invited a few close friends, and only 3 came. A lot of food was wasted. Since then, I decided to stop cooking for my birthday and just let things happen.

This year, I celebrated it by ordering in Yellowcab pizza. I was with my family and Ryan, my boyfriend. We had a feast! We ordered Barbecue Chicken Pizza, Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta, Chicken Alfredo Pasta and Hot Wings. Funny how all of them are chicken! But it was a great little celebration. I had fun with the most important people in my life.

Tonight, I will bring food for the people I work with. In reality, it was a huge pressure on my back to bring food for my birthday, but, I don’t want to disappoint people. I did buy the ice cream on the date of my birthday, though. ;)


  1. Happy birthday, Dre! :D

  2. Belated happy birthday Dre!.. pahabol na din ng Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! ^_^
    Nicklelove´s last blog post ..Hello 2011!

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