When Zombies Invade Your Dream

When Zombies Invade Your Dream

Sometimes I do get vivid dreams. Dreams that I remember after being awake for a while, and dreams that I can share in detail with anyone.

Last night, I had a vivid dream about zombies. I am a fan of the TV Show, The Walking Dead, so I am not freaked out when I see zombies on TV, however, dreaming about them vividly is another story.

My grandmother passed away a few years ago, and I always love seeing her in my dreams. It started with me, dropping my grandmother off her house. All my relatives were there, and for some reason, they were seated like there’s a conference being held. The chairs were all lined up and their faces looked so sullen. I didn’t think anything of it, so I left with my whole family riding a tricycle((An indigenous form of the auto rickshaw commonly found in the Philippines)).

A few blocks from my grandmother’s house, we stopped by a mini gas station to fill up the tank. I looked back towards her house and saw zombies! World-War-Z-zombies! I told my father that we have to hurry up and go to a different island((The Philippines is composed of 7,641 islands)) before the zombies catch up to us. In my dream, I didn’t even try to be the hero and save my relatives, even my grandmother. All I knew was that my family had to get away.

My father was driving really fast until we found a huge mall. Inside that mall, we had to get a medical checkup before we can move forward. In my mind, we were already in another island. In real life, you have to either ride a plane or a boat to travel, but it’s a dream, so the tricycle was enough to get us to and from places.

There were so many people inside the mall. It looked somewhat dilapidated, and the walls are unpainted. We were in line and waiting for the doctor to sign the slip for us to continue traveling, and everyone’s faces looked frantic and terrified. I shift my feet from time to time and kept looking around because I was feeling so anxious. When it was my turn, I looked out the window and saw that there were zombies outside.

I panicked. I froze for a few seconds, then I was on my feet again. I only saw my father, so we held hands and ran! I was trying to look for my mother, my sisters, and brother, but I couldn’t find them. My father and I were desperately looking for a place to hide, away from those mutated zombies. For some weird reason, I am riding my father’s back while he was running so fast!

In my dream, I kept thinking that this couldn’t be the end. I couldn’t be away from my whole family. This isn’t the kind of life that I want to live in. I have to get away. I need to wake up!

Wake up. WAKE UP!

When I finally woke up, I touched my face and it was wet with tears. I realized how I never want to be a character in The Walking Dead or in any post-apocalyptic books. I don’t think I can deal with being separated from my family because of demons and monsters. I don’t think I can be a hero. I don’t have the heart nor the courage to kill zombies or evil beings. I’d have to face the truth that I’d probably run endlessly or just die.

I am actually a light sleeper, so when I dream, I usually remember them. Most of the time I jot them on my journal, but I thought this zombie dream is worth sharing. #


  1. I love vivid dreaming, but sometimes I really have to wake for not so favorable condition.

  2. Matthew Bull says:

    I hate it when I feel completely helpless in my dreams.. Like why can’t I be a complete badass for once?
    Matthew Bull´s last blog post ..Como Obtener La Visa a Estados Unidos Fácilmente

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