You Are Missed

Dear Apo,

It’s been a year since you passed. And every day since then, I’ve been missing you. There was never a day that I didn’t think about you – your laugh, your smile, your singing…every little thing that you did, I miss so much. Even when when you cursed in Ilokano, it even sounds endearing.

One of the many things that I’ve learned from you when I was growing up, was to always respect my parents. I thought that respecting my parents was all about doing what they want to the tee, but then I realized, respecting them is to love them. So I love my parents, and I love you. 

You’ve always been a strong matriarch of the family, but when you got older, you sometimes forgot who I was, or where you were, so people took advantage of you. There were so many times that I want to hurt those who hurt you, but all I could do was to wish them the karma they deserve. When we lost you, I can’t help but think of their tears as that of a crocodile’s. But it’s best to move on, and wish for a better fortune to those who have none. You would’ve wanted that.

Apo, thank you for being the mother of my father. He is a very good man, and to this day, I see your strength in him and more.

Thank you for instilling good values to us, and for always reminding us that we should be a good daughter, or son. Every occasion was always better with you, but we spent your birthday, Christmas and New Year’s Eve longing for your company. I know that you are watching over us, and sometimes you visit me in my dreams.

Apo, I imagine that you’re happy now. You are with Lolo Onseng. I bet you two are walking side by side, holding hands, and smiling at each other.

I will always miss you. I will always remember you.

I love you.

Your favorite grandkid,

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  1. Remembering special person is so sweet. I have not much to say. God bless and take care always.

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