Your Hobby, My Hobby.

Your Hobby, My Hobby.

One of the bloggers that I followed blogged about something that raised both my eyebrows. I know that we are all entitled to our own opinions, and we’re bound to come across people that doesn’t agree with what we believe in. That’s a fact of life. And I am here to talk about what I felt after reading her piece.

To me, this is like telling a bookworm that reading is boring.

Why read someone else’s story when you can write your own?

Everyone has their own ways to relieve stress. Some likes to escape inside books, some likes to doodle, some loves to sing, some loves to colour someone else doodles. What is wrong with that? I find her whole post condescending and too elitist.

We can’t be all artistic, and even if there’s a tinge of artistic blood inside all of us, it doesn’t mean that our choice of hobby is boring or wrong. While I agree with her slightly on creating our own art, I still felt like she is shoving it in my face.

Why not? But it is my choice on how I want to relieve my daily stress and anxiety. Making me feel inadequate by telling me that adult colouring books is a boring way to relieve my stress and MY anxiety, just adds more stress and anxiety to me. I adore her beautiful watercolour paintings, and maybe it is so much better than what I do, but it is her own way to relieve her stress and her anxiety. NOT MINE.

While I agree that we can take our hobbies a step further, she could have introduced “creating your own doodles” in a better manner without dissing another hobby. Her post just felt negative and degrading to those who enjoys this past time.

Not everyone loves to colour, and not everyone loves to doodle. Let’s respect what other people’s preferences are. She could have talked about how much she enjoys doodling, and gave tips and tricks, but what she did just left a sour taste in my mouth.

This is my thing, that is hers. I find colouring therapeutic and it puts me in a trance. Doodling is something that I do when I am bored. Something mindless I do. But colouring is what I enjoy doing more. I even choose to do it when I want to disconnect from the Internet.

Art is a very broad medium. Let’s just live and let live.

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